Fat from your own body, called autologous fat - usually the belly, hips or thighs - can be transferred to the face, lips or cheeks as a safe and reliable filler. In his practice in Bangkok, Dr. Chartchai is finding that fat transfer is becoming the most popular and commonly used method of augmenting cheeks.


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Dr. Chartchai "harvests" your fat by liposuction. After making a small incision in a suitable part of your body, he suctions out the necessary volume of fat and closes the area. The fat is cleaned and separated into micro-droplets, which are injected into the desired area of your body. The harvesting of the fat can take up to an hour and the injections take from 10 minutes to an hour or more depending on where you want the fat.

The longevity of fat is widely variable, lasting from months to years. It is considered to be permanent. Dr. Chartchai will advise you on the current research about this.

Recovery time
Bruising and swelling are expected for 1-2 weeks after fat injection, depending on the amount and location of the injection.

Possible complications
Lumpiness sometimes can last for months. Fat reabsorption is expected so overcorrection is routine.


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